PRESS RELEASE 04/06/2018

A pioneering and innovative event about tourism and culture will be held in South Evia in Giannitsi, Karystos on 22-23-24 of June 2018. The 2nd Cultural Tourism Celebration GRECOACTE, under the title MEDITERRANEAN: INNOVATIVE BRIDGES (Five + 1 countries), opens up new prospects for the touristic product based on contemporary art and tradition. The event is held with the contribution of 5 Mediterranean countries, each of which is associated with a thematic field of alternative tourism. FRANCE – ECOTOURISM, SPAIN – ETHICAL TOURISM, ALGERIA – GASTRONOMIC TOURISM, ITALY – AGRICULTURAL TOURISM, CYPRUS – WINE TOURISM.

The event is sponsored by Sp VivArte Art Center and exists with the aid of: the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Culture, the Hellenic Tourism Organization, the Cypriot Tourism Organization, the Greek National Committee for UNESCO, the Hellenic Association of Travel and Tourist Agencies HATTA, the Italohellenic and Hispanohellenic Chamber of Commerce, the Cervantes Institute and the Embassies of Spain and Algeria. Sponsors and supporters of the event are: Sterea Hellas Region, Evian Chamber of Commerce, Evia’s Hotel Association, Tourist Association of Karystos and the Municipality of Karystos. The event’s happenings are materialized with the synergy of many organizations and associations from Greece and abroad.

The event will officially begin on Friday the 22nd of June with a gastronomic partnership between Algeria and Greece. An epic symposium with the aim to bring these two countries closer will be supported by the Association of Dipnosofistes and the Embassy of Algeria. (With Invitation) The nomads’ lamb, a symbol of Algerian hospitality, meets the “kokkini” of South Evia. Emotions and tastes of the countryside in a symposium aiming to acquaint the touristic relations of the two countries, which will take place in an open space overlooking the Aegean and will be accompanied by a photo exhibition of Greek and Algerian photographers. Before the meal, a wine exhibition of the common mythology and history of the Greek-Cypriot wine will take place in the Forest of VivArte Nature. An original and interactive wine tasting brought by the South Evia wineries accompanied by the words of ancient Greek poets and together with Bacchus, the Muses and the nymphs of the mountains.

On Saturday, June 23 an innovative artistic action on the Spanish-Greek bridge is based on the rare idiom of communicating through whistling. The “Yo Silbo” group (Las Islas Canarias) and the “Apantachou Antiots” will perform the poetry of Crystalis and Lorca respectively, filling the Mediterranean with whistles. Soprano Anthi Kotsoni, Spanish guitarist Alejandro de Chacón and  performer Sandra Pons Carreras will interpret the idiom using sounds and colors respectively. Dancing groups will participate in this event as well.

On Sunday, June 24 the bridges of France – Karystos and Italy – Aliveri will accompany the ecotourism and agricultural-tourism activities of the event. The Xerolithic technique, the castles of the Acanthus Region in South France and the Drakospita of South Evia will be presented at the Vivarte Gallery with an exhibition of photographs and drawings. They will open up new prospects for hiking tourism, exploring legends and ruins. Afterwards, there will be a proposal that could bring closer the Greek and Italian agro-tourism in a dialogue of expertise. The event will end with a seed exchange programme from Italy and Peliti and Aliveri alternative groups. Musical theatrical performance by the group Aliveri Solidarity.The Equestrian Association of Philippi will represent the traditional plowing at the art garden. The horse, the bridle and the fiber, elements of the pre-industrial ecological cultivation, which can still be encountered in Evia’s vineyards, become the symbols of an artistic movement of land art. Open to the public

The aim of the event is to bring together common cultural elements among the participating countries (Algeria, France, Spain, Italy, Cyprus and Greece) and the interconnection of culture with development and tourism. Particularly important is the fact that the events include the presentation of the Whistling Language in Antia of Evia, which is being processed for inclusion in the National Index of Intangible Cultural Heritage, as well as the art of dry stone, which our country has co-signed to be included to the Representative UNESCO UNDP List.

The second GrecoActe aims to consolidate a new concept in the definition of cultural tourism, to upgrade the role of the traveler from a passive tourist to a traveler of new experiences and an exchange of ideas, and to establish in the tourist industry an annual international meeting of networks with a common interest in art, nature and tradition.

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