PRESS RELEASE 04/06/2019

A pioneering and innovative event about tourism and culture will be held in S. Evia on 21-22-23 June 2019.

GRecoACTE (Art and Cultural Tourism Event) is the 3rd celebration of Cultural Tourism (, under the title “Winds of Friendship and Culture”. It is an inventive event of participatory ethnography on the island of Evia which opens up new prospects for the touristic product based on contemporary art and tradition.

5 Mediterranean countries are participating:

France (Aas Pyrenees), Spain (Canary Islands), Morocco (Atlas), Turkey (Kerasunda), Greece (Adia, Evia).

The 3rd GRecoACTE, “Winds of Friendship and Culture”, includes three activities:

1st ACTIVITY 21/06/2109: The Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Whistling Language. A collaboration of the five Mediterranean countries of the idiom with a convention in Chalkida, an artistic event at the Ancient Theatre of Eretria with whistling, poetry, music, dance and visual arts, under the title “Aerial Communication”.

2nd ACTIVITY 22/06/2019: The traditional attire of S. Evia and Skyros. A meeting of Cultural Tourism, Contemporary Art and Folklore in Giannitsi of Karystos under the title “In the Fashion of the Traditional”.

3rd ACTIVITY 23/06/2019: Promotion of legends and history under the title “Legends and Castles of the Aegean”, titled: the legendary castle of Filagra in Gianitsi, Evia.

The aim of the event is to highlight common cultural elements among the participating countries and the interconnection of culture with growth and tourism. Particularly important is the fact that the events include the promotion of the Whistling Language from the area Adia of Evia, which is being processed for inclusion in the National Index of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Greece and UNESCO.

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